Why Shave or Pluck When You Can Wax?

Male or female we all have hair in areas where it isn’t wanted. We desire smooth soft hair-free skin not just for the look but also for the way it feels to touch and be touched.

Let’s talk body hair maintenance

While it’s possible to remove unwanted hair at home by shaving, plucking, or even self-waxing, the results can range from not too shabby to lackluster, and making a mistake might leave you with a visible reminder until it regrows.

Plucking or waxing your own eyebrows takes time and is very easy to overdo. Eyebrows are an integral part of your facial expression. In any conversation, people are looking directly into your eyes. When your eyebrows are done well, they blend, and your eyes become the focal point. When overplucked or uneven they draw attention away from where you want it to be. An eyebrow mishap can take 3 to 4 months to regrow.

Shaving gives you instant results. Unfortunately, the hair seems to reappear almost as quickly. To maintain a smooth shave, the average person must redo the process every other day. This can be a time-consuming annoyance.

If you have ever gone to the drugstore and grabbed an off-the-shelf wax kit with high hopes of getting smooth results, you may have been in for a surprise. Most kits either are sticky and tough to work with or don’t remove all hair.

When it comes to men’s needs, they can often be overlooked but it is not at all unusual for unwanted hair to grow on the back or chest. Self-waxing or shaving can range from difficult to just not possible. It is because of this we offer our professional services to them as well.

Stop doing things the hard way

Relax, sit back, and let us give you the super glossy results you have only dreamed of.

Unlike shaving, the results from a professional wax can last from 3 to 6 weeks leaving you smooth and ready to hit the beach, head out for a day of boating, or spend a night with friends out on the town at a moment’s notice.

Euro Spa of Naples is a full-service wax spa.

We offer:

· Brow sculpting

· Brow waxing

· Lip or chin waxing

· Full-leg, half-leg, or upper-leg wax

· Underarm waxing

· Bikini waxing

· Brazilian Bikini waxing

· Chest or back waxing

Rest assured that our talented and experienced therapists will make you feel at ease. Many clients have commented that their visits have produced the best results they have ever had.

We would love to be your go-to for all of your waxing needs.

Give the spa a call at 239-591-0060 to schedule your appointment. Visit to learn more about our services!