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“Jaw Inspiring” – Love the Way You Look from Any Angle

Your jawline defines your entire facial structure. Often as we age, that area can begin to loosen and sag. This gives the face an aged appearance. A strong jawline subliminally says to us that person looks youthful. A soft non-defined line signifies age.

We spend so much of our days looking at our tablets, phones, and computers. All of that is looking downward. It causes our neck and chin to be lax. This is adding to the problem.

While there are neck and facial exercises that you can do they take time and only produce so-so results.

Now there is Juvéderm Volux XC. It is an injectable gel filler with lidocaine that can create the illusion of having a naturally strong firm jawline whether you had one in your younger years or not. Age is not a factor here. Even if genetically, you have always had a soft chin and jawline, Volux XC can help.

Love Your Face

What would it be like to look in the mirror every morning and see the face you want to see – higher and tighter? Volux gives you a higher tighter contour without surgery. It is dense enough to mimic bone and lasts up to 2 years if not beyond.

What Volux Does

This product can sculpt the face beautifully while hydrating and helps to improve skin texture.

What IS Volux XC?

Juvéderm Volux XC is a robust hyaluronic acid (HA) filler designed to give structure to the lower face. It is fully approved as a jawline filler and can be used for chin augmentation as well.

The first places signs of age are noticeable are the hands, face, jawline, and neck. Juvederm Volux XC helps temper the signs of age in a natural way. People will look at you and think you look refreshed, not worked on.

Looking natural results from a gentle effective product.

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